Upcoming gig at Snug Harbor

Last time we played Snugs in New Paltz, the place was mostly empty when we got there.  The few, the regulars were there but as we set up people started trickling in.  Once we started playing the dance floor started to fill up and I watch one brother grab his phone and heard him saying, y'all need to get down here NOW! and sure enough within 15 minutes the place was absolutely packed.  We had a great gig because we could tell the the people were digging it.  I even had a few guitar dudes watching my fingers all night.  I never pull away.  If you don't get what I'm doing, just ask.  No secrets!
We'll be back at Snugs again May 26th.  That's the Friday ahead of Memorial Day so come on down from your camp outs and cook outs and rock climbing trails and hang out at the best little dive bar there is for live funk with the Room Service Band.  You will have a guaranteed blast.

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